Longfire outdoor network

European teachers developing their outdoor practices.

Wild Things at School: A Book for Primary School Teachers (2009)

Published by Laois, Meath and Monaghan County Councils with support from the Heritage Council. This publication, written by Eanna Ni Lamhna and illustrated by Christine Warner is a beautiful resource for primary school teachers. A limited supply of the book is available from your local education centre.

This Book is from the Heritage Council in Ireland.

The council has published series of great material on and related to the concept of outdoor learning.

You can find more documents here.

Inspiring teachers from all over Europe have spent great time together, engaging in nature experience, sometimes under the harsh weather conditions.

But as we say, ..there is no bad weather, only bad clothes.!Summer outdoor sessions.

The summer has provided the network with many new members of the network.

Dirty teaching

A new book from Juliet Robertson

Juliet Robertson has won award for her entrepreneurship within outdoor education. She runs a organisation called Creative Star Learning witch aims to help teachers to develop their practice.

Check out her blog: I'm a teacher, get me outside here

The book gives a good overview over the first step of outdoor learning.

Qoute from Amazon online bookstore:

"Juliet Robertson offers tips and tricks to help any teacher develop variety in their teaching. One of the keys to a happy and creative classroom is getting out of it and this book will give you the confidence to do it. It contains a wealth of ideas from cheat sheets to activities that allow teachers and parents to encourage outdoor learning and improve student participation. There is no need for expensive tools or complicated technologies; all you need is your coat and a passion for learning oh, and you`d better bring the kids too!"

Dirty Teaching on www.amazon.com

Seminar on outdoor education

10 teachers from 6 European countries

Longfire outdoor network will be joined by a group of European teachers from Latvia, Estonia, Finland, France, Belgium and Greece. A group of teachers that recently finished an Outdoor learning seminar in Iceland with Cursus Iceland.

Hopefully they will benefit from being a member of this network, as a platform to continue their journey as outdoor practioners.

See the seminar photos.

Creative Star Learning Company

The digital gateway to the real world

- A fantastic resource of information, ideas and advice for getting children outside.

Creative STAR Learning Company works behind the scenes supporting and developing outdoor learning and play at a national, local and school level mainly in Scotland. These can be small or large scale ventures, such as a half-day school visit to writing national outdoor learning documents over several months.

Some of their work is available to view online.


Derwent Hill, 26th – 30th October 2012

- Conference paper.

The EOE network has published a collection of articles from the annual conference held in Derwent Hill Outdoor education center, in Keswick, Cumbria, in the beautiful Lake district in the north-western part of England in late October.

The document contain written essays from several presentations made during the event from practioners and academics from across Europe.

The publishment was edited by Barbara Humberstone.

Read the conference paper:

Field Studies Council - UK

Bringing Environmental Understanding to All

Field Studies Council, FSC, is the only environmental education charity in UK dedicated solely to providing informative and enjoyable opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to discover, explore, be inspired by, and understand the natural environment. 

Established in 1943, FSC has become internationally respected for its national network of learning locations, international outreach training projects, research programmes, information and publication services,  and wide range of professional training and leisure courses.

Check out their website.

The Viking Kingdom

by Kerrilee Hunter

Kerrilee Hunter is a co-founder of the Jen's community at Wildcliff in New Rochelle, New York, USA. The Parents, teachers and number of local stakeholders has establsihed an community minded outdoor education center. 

The mission of Jen’s Community at Wildcliff is to serve as an educational hub for New Rochelle and surround- ing towns, delivering opportunities for children and people of all ages to connect with one another and their environment as part of an ecologically-minded local and global community.

Kerrilee went on a study trip to Scotland and several nordic countries in the autumn of 2012. She studied outdoor education and outdoor education sites and have published her report.

The study is very interesting as there is a focus on the relationsship between the humans and nature, and how outdoor education is practiced in this part of the world.

This is her report: The viking kingdom

Read further:

Place based education

Where schools, communities, & nature meet.

"Sometimes called pedagogy of place."

Place-based education promotes learning that is rooted in what is local, f.ex. the unique history, environment, culture, economy, literature in a students own “place" or schoolyard, neighborhood, town or community.

Place-based education is often hands-on, project-based and always related to something in the real world, thus that students should first have a grounding in the history, culture and ecology of their surrounding environment before moving on to broader subjects.

Read further:

Roger Greenaway is one of the most enthusiast experiential trainer and life coach in the practice. Roger travels worldwide with workshops and lectures on the topic of Reviewing, skills and methods for facilitaion of learning from experience.

Rogers venue of practice is more than often directed at outdoor practioners and his knowledge and experience has benefitted many of our colleagues.

Roger's website www.reviewing.co.uk is a great resource for those who want to find their way around contemporary matters within the field of outdoor education. 

EOE annual conference in Stockholm 5. - 9. June 2013 

Urban nature: inclusive learning through youth work and school work.

The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) http://www.gih.se/In-English/ is hosting the annual seminar/conference of the EOE-network on the topic of "Urban nature: inclusive learning through youth work and school work".

This seminar will bring together practitioners and academics from around Europe who are interested in outdoor and experiential education linked to formal education and non-formal youth work. It is aimed at schoolteachers, university staff and youth workers from various fields of practice. The seminar will examine the different ways and purposes of approaching and using nature in outdoor education. Networks for practical cooperation and knowledge transfer will also be created.

Find out more by clicking this link: EOE-network annual seminar/conference in Stockholm.

Outdoor arts and crafts

Using natural materials the participants from the Outdoor Arts & Crafts seminar build a table and benches in the forest outside Reykjavik.

Seek partners amongst your like minded.

This network is and can be helpful for the members who want to establish collaboration project between European countries.

Developing outdoor practices on local scale, seeking best practice from abroad will enhance the theoretical and practical anchoring of this field of learning.

Members of this network have interest in outdoor learning, some have advanced skills and expereience, some have great insight and enthusiasm while others seek to explore their ability and chances in working with the concept. 

Together we have the knowledge to help developing the practice, sharing and learning from others is and will be the biggest part of that process.

Do not hesitate to contact other members of the network, if you have a request for partnership, idea, if you want to share your work and etc.

I encourage you to write a little description on your profile, past a photo and share a thought.



Outdoor arts and crafts

7 women from 4 countries participated in the seminar on outdoor arts and crafts, organized by Cursus Iceland in the period of 3 - 8 Sept. 2012. The program was carried out mostly outdoors, and was challenged by the shifting weather. The participants did an amazing job and engaged in several different outdoor arts and crafts tasks. 

One session was on environmental arts, where we met with Karólína Einarsdóttir. She introduced the work and theories of Andy Goldsworthy. Following the presentation we moved to the shore and created several artworks, individually and collectively. 

Here is a our collective art-work, rearranged local and natural material.

Outdoor education conference in Derwent Hill, UK.

European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE) is organizing a conference between 26 - 30 October 2012. 

The theme of the conference is " Outdoor Learning as a means of promoting healthy and sustainable lifestyles and social inclusion for the youth of Europe". Further information can be attained from the EOE website.

Gudmundur Arngrimsson will lead a 1 hour lecture/discussion on the topic of landscape qualities and outdoor learning venues.

Outdoor education participants, March 2012

Facing the weather at Reykjanesviti Lighthouse, just before relaxing in the Blue lagoon.

New Seminar by Cursus Iceland

Cursus Iceland is organizing a new kind of Outdoor seminar in Iceland 3.-8. Septmeber 2012.

The seminar title is "Outdoor arts & crafts".It will consist of short lectures and extended workshops in the natural surroundings of reykjavik.

The seminar topics are:

Team building in the outdoors, nature arts & crafts, environmental arts & crafts, building with
rocks, building with turf and soil, using forest timber and ropes, carving and weaving,
European heritage on outdoor arts & crafts.

The seminar is a part of the Comenius_Grundtvig database.

The topics are lead by local experts and practioners.

Read further:


Out is in.!

They say that the outdoor is the way to go. We all need the outside and the benefits of becoming loyal to the open sky are great. Learning outside the classroom add a very positive experience to the students and the benefits are f.ex.

1. Health and fresh air.

2. Risk assessment, monitoring the environment.

3. Enjoyment and achievement.

4. Positive contribution to the group and activities.

5. Environmental understanding and social well being.



Outdoor education Keywords


There is always a discussion about definition of outdoor education. The fact is that definition and practices vary greatly among the different parts of the world. Even in Europe there is a great spectrum of practices and activities that are referred to as an Outdoor education.


Browsing the online resources can be fruitful and help you understand how you can apply the best of practice from your colleagues around the world.


The term Outdoor gives us all a shared understanding that it happens outdoors. The terms education means for us, a progress, a gained knowledge, understanding or a skill.


According to Wilderdom website the main keywords for outdoor education are:

  1. education / learning

  2. outdoor

  3. environment / nature / wilderness

  4. adventure.